We provide Positive Material Identification services for the analysis of Metals and Alloys non-destructively using XRF.  

This includes the use of certified standards and reference materials as quality control/assurance.  For best results, the surface of the material being tested should be clean and representative of the bulk material.

 In cases of exotic alloys, mixtures, and complete unknowns, the spectral data are used for a qualitative determination of what elements are present.

Certified Standard Metal Alloys

Our Positive Material Identification services cover either samples sent via mail or travel to the client facility anywhere in the entire United States for in-situ analysis.

Positive Material Identification Services.  A wide range of alloys are identified using either the Alpha or Delta Premium Olympus instruments in either hand-held or benchtop configurations.

 Analytical standards are used for QA/QC and non-certified samples with mill certificates are used as references to identify common alloys.  Elements that are not in the quantitation suites are visible in the spectra and can be identified qualitatively.

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