Are you looking for lead testing San Diego services? We are a trusted provider of lead testing services in San Diego and Southern California, including Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Our highly trained experts assist homeowners, commercial property owners, and contractors with lead testing services, including:

All of our experienced San Diego lead testing professionals are licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) with the following certifications:

  • Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor
  • Lead Sampling Technician
  • Lead Project Monitor

Our consultants are available for residential or commercial projects of any size involving lead testing in San Diego and California. We are knowledgeable in local lead regulations, such as San Diego’s Lead Hazard Prevention and Control Ordinance.

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Why is Lead Dangerous to Our Health?

It is important to realize how dangerous and how common lead is in our environment. The damaging health effects of lead exposure are very wide ranging. Once in the body, lead cannot be removed.

Lead can affect every organ and system in the body. The effects of lead poisoning can even be fatal. Research has shown that children under 6 are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead.

A shocking reality is that just 1 square inch of lead paint can poison 500 children.  It is essential that if you suspect that lead may be present in your household or commercial building that you consult an experienced lead testing professional.

Our lead testing San Diego services can detect where this toxic substance is present in buildings and structures.

Where is Lead Present?

Lead paint is still present in millions of homes and commercial buildings in the US.

The dangers of lead paint have been known since the early twentieth century.

However, lead-based paint was not banned in the US until 1978.  If your home was built before 1979 it is highly likely that it will have some lead-based paint or lead-containing paint.

Millions of homes still have lead paint, sometimes lurking under many layers of new paint.

When the paint peels or is damaged during construction work, the lead paint can be exposed and create a lead-contaminated dust and debris hazard. Therefore it is essential that you get your home tested if you suspect that lead may be present.

Lead is also found in many commercial buildings. Owners and contractors have a very high standard of liability concerning lead. It is vital that they get the proper advice about lead testing in San Diego so that they can be aware of the dangers and their liability.

Lead paint inspection and testing are of vital importance to home and business owners in San Diego and Southern California.

What Lead Testing Services Do We Offer in San Diego?

We offer a range of lead testing in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and most destinations in Southern California. We also offer lead testing in Sacramento.

In a Lead Inspection, we use an XRF Analyzer to test for lead in the paint layer. This is a non-destructive method of lead testing that provides a direct reading of the lead content of the paint.

We can also carry out a Lead Risk Assessment to find out if lead hazards exist. If we detect that lead is present and the paint surfaces are deteriorated or subject to friction, we collect dust and/or soil samples from the area and send them to an accredited laboratory.

If we find lead is present we will provide solutions for how the risk of lead exposure can be reduced and managed.

Our lead testing San Diego consultants will also conduct Lead Clearance Testing if there has been any repair, painting, or remodeling work that may have disturbed lead paint. Lead Clearance Testing will establish that all the required abatement or lead-related construction work was properly completed and that the area is now safe.

  • Lead Clearances are required in the City of San Diego for both residential and commercial buildings when disrupting lead-based paint above certain thresholds.

How Can We Help Commercial Property Owners and Contractors?

We understand the needs of commercial property owners and contractors. Our lead testing services will help you achieve compliance with both local, San Diego, California, and Federal regulations.

There are many Federal, State, and Local Laws in California that are concerned with lead-related construction work.

These include:

  • Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule (Federal EPA)
  • CCR Title 17, Div 1, Ch. 8 (CDPH)
  • CCR Title 8, Section 1532.1 (Cal OSHA)
  • CCR Title 22 Section 66261.24 (Hazardous Waste)
  • City of San Diego Lead Hazard Prevention and Control Ordinance
  • Los Angeles County Health & Safety Codes, Title 11, Ch. 11.28

Our lead testing services include detailed formal reports with recommendations for compliance with local regulatory requirements, such as the City of San Diego lead ordinance.

Lead Testing San Diego Services

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