The term “Asbestos Testing” is used here to describe Asbestos Bulk Sampling, Asbestos Surveys, or Asbestos Clearances.  An asbestos survey is an investigation to determine what suspect materials are present in a structure or dwelling, followed by testing of the suspect materials to determine if they have asbestos.   In an asbestos survey, suspect materials are first identified in a visual inspection.  Those materials that can be sampled and subjected to laboratory analysis to determine the asbestos content.  Our professionals are licensed by DOSH (California Division of Occupational Safety and Health) to collect asbestos bulk samples in support of asbestos surveys and consulting.

The results of an Asbestos Survey is a formal report that details the asbestos content, if any was detected of the various building materials on the property.  The Asbestos Survey report can be used to satisfy regulatory requirements such as demolition permits or provide guidance in advance of construction or demolition work.

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