Asbestos bulk sampling is carried out in advance of work, for regulatory compliance purposes, for demo permits, to determine licensing requirements, and for health/safety considerations.   We offer asbestos testing services in San Diego and Southern California.  

Asbestos testing and sample collection is carried out by individuals who are licensed by DOSH (California Department of Occupational Safety and Health), either as a CSST (Certified Site Surveillance Technicians) working under the direction of a CAC, or CAC (Certified Asbestos Consultant).

Asbestos testing includes the use of PLM (polarized light microscopy) to determine the asbestos content (e.g., %by weight of asbestos) of bulk samples of building materials.  It also includes the determination of asbestos fibers in air or dust samples using TEM (transmission electron microscopy) methods.   We are certified in fiber counting (NIOSH 582 Equivalence) using PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopy) for asbestos abatement support and project monitoring.

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