We carry out Formaldehyde Testing services in San Diego and Southern California.  Formaldehyde is a toxic volatile compound that is emitted  by particle board and related products used in construction, cabinetry and furniture making.  Formaldehyde is a source of indoor air pollution.

Indoor Air may be tested for the presence of formaldehyde, which is emitted by fabricated wood products.  One way to do this is by passing a known volume of atmosphere through a tube impregnated with a reagent that captures the formaldehyde in a form that can later be analyzed in a laboratory (e.g., via method EPA 8315A).  An exterior control is used to determine if the levels observed in the interior are different from ambient formaldehyde levels.  The values thus obtained may be used in a formaldehyde exposure risk assessment.

Formaldehyde-Exterior-Control_450-x-299_12-27-2015_DSCN9488-copy          Formaldehyde-Testing-Interior_450-x-300_12-27-2015_DSCN9492-copy          Formaldehyde-Tube_450-x-302_12-27-2015_DSCN9491-copy

To test for formaldehyde in San Diego or Southern California, call 858-442-3230 or write to [email protected].