A Lead Clearance Inspection is another form of Lead Testing done after Lead-Related Construction work is completed to ensure that no Lead Hazards remain before the worksite in the dwelling or structure is re-occupied.   Lead Clearances are typically done after Lead Abatement work or when required by local regulations.  The City of San Diego, California  Lead Hazard Prevention and Control Ordinance requires that Lead Clearance Inspections be performed after any work that affects real or presumed Lead Based Paint (10 ft2 exterior surfaces, 2 ft2 interior surfaces per room, or after window replacements) in residential and commercial properties.  In some cases, the City Environmental Services Department will request that a clearance be carried out to address a specific lead hazard concern.

A Lead Clearance Inspection is a type of Lead Hazard Evaluation that is carried out by a California Certified Inspector/Assessor, licensed by CDPH (California Department of Public Health), optionally with assistance from a Lead Sampling Technician.

Lead Clearance Inspections involve two stages: 1) The work area is surveyed to ensure that no paint chips, construction debris, or visible settled dust remain on the surfaces.  The Inspector/Assessor must later make a formal statement in writing that the above condition was met before carrying out the second stage.  1) If the visual survey passes, dust wipe samples (and soil samples, when there is exposed soil near the foundation or work area) are collected and sent for laboratory analysis by an accredited laboratory in the NLLAP (National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program) list.   If the lead levels are below the regulatory thresholds for lead-contaminated dust and lead-contaminated soil in CCR Title 17, Div. 1, Chapter 8 (400 ug/ft2 for exterior surfaces, including window troughs, 10 ug/ft2 for interior floors and 100 ug/ft2 for interior window sills and other non-floor horizontal surfaces, 400 ppm for soil in play areas and 1,000 ppm for soil in non-play areas), then the Inspector/Assessor will submit a formal report indicating the clearance passed.

To schedule a clearance, please tell us about your needs, including the purpose and scope of work by writing to [email protected].  You may also reach us at 858-442-3230.