We inspect homes for the presence of lead paint in San Diego and Southern California.   A Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor from our firm certified by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) will deliver a report based on work that may be optionally carried out by a Certified Lead Sampling Technician.

A Lead Inspection is a surface-to-surface testing of painted or otherwise coated architectural components, to determine if Lead -Based Paint is present.  Lead-Based Paint is defined as a coating having amounts equal to or above 1.0 mg/cm2 or 5,000 ppm of lead.  Lead Inspections are done in advance of work, to determine if there are regulated lead levels that trigger regulatory requirements.

 The term “Lead Inspection” is defined by California in CCR Title 17, Division 1, Chapter 8, as an investigation that follows the HUD Chapter 7 Guidelines.  In California, Lead Inspectors must be certified by CDPH (The California Department of Public Health).  Lead Inspections may be limited in scope and “fit-for-purpose” for components which are going to be disrupted, in which cases they are not comprehensive; these investigations are called Limited Lead Inspections.

A goal of Lead Inspections carried out in the City of San Diego (but not in the rest of San  Diego County) is to determine if the coatings contain levels of lead that are regulated by San Diego’s Lead Hazard Prevention and Control Ordinance.   Lead levels determined to be between 0.5 mg/cm2 and 0.99 mg/cm2 or 1,000 ppm and 4,999 ppm require mandatory Lead-Safe Work Practices when they are disrupted, per San Diego’s ordinance.

In addition to Lead Inspections, we also carry out other forms of Lead Testing including Lead Clearance Inspections for compliance with local regulations and Lead Risk Assessments and Lead Project Monitoring when needed by our clients.

You can get a quotation by telling us about the type of property being inspected and the specific service required (e.g., Lead Inspection, Risk Assessment, Clearance Inspection or Project Monitoring) by contacting us at 858-442-3230 or 800-613-6064 or [email protected].  

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