We offer Lead Risk Assessment services in San Diego and Southern California.  A Lead Risk Assessment is an investigation to determine if lead hazards exist in a dwelling or structure.  There are several types of lead hazards defined by California law in Title 17, CCR, Division 1, Chapter 8, Section 35037.  These include:

  • Deteriorated Lead Based Paint, Section 35022
  • Lead-Contaminated Dust, Section 35035
  • Lead-Contaminated Soil, Section 35036

Lead Risk Assessments, a type of Lead Hazard Evaluation, are carried out by Certified Lead Inspector/Assessors licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).  Per California regulations (Title 17, Section 36000 (a)(2)), these investigations are conducted per the HUD Chapter 5 guidelines.  These investigations may be comprehensive when required by client specifications or when hazards are suspected.   The may also be limited in scope when hazards are unlikely to be present, based on initial findings or the purpose of the inspection.

In these investigations, the coatings are checked for lead using an XRF analyzer, and the results used in deciding where to take dust and/or soil samples to check for lead hazards.

To schedule a Lead Risk Assessments in San Diego or Southern California., please  contact us at [email protected] or 858-442-3230.